In Canada, obtaining Permanent Residence status is not as stringent as the United States and there are various self sponsorship options that do not require an Employer to participate in the process. Canada’s Quebec Province even offers special programmes for francofone professionals that do not require a job offer as well.

Highlights and Features of Canada Permanent Resident Status:

  • For International Students, Foreign Professionals & H-1B Workers in US

    • Express entry (electronic point based selection system)

    • Great for Persons under 35

    • Masters preferred but bachelor degrees are possible

    • 3 years of work history preferred

    • Requires high proficiency in English

  • For Francophone Speakers - International Students, Professionals, and H-1B Workers

    • Quebec immigration program- no job offer required- opening in aug

    • Fluent French, writing, listening, speaking , reading and medium English

    • Education min bachelor (master of course better)

    • Age up to 35 but higher can be permissible too

    • Minimum 3 years experience ( anything which is not a low skilled positionl, does not have to be related to education)

Note: ALL of above for PERMANENT RESIDENCE (i.e. like Green Card for U.S. Permanent Legal Residence. Also,  after 3 years living in Canada as permanent residents, applicants can possibly apply for Canadian Citizenship)