Helping the World's Best Athletes Compete in the United States

P-1:GRoup of Professionals FOR employment AND TRAINING

Entertainment Professionals seeking employment and/or training in the US can obtain a Visa for up to 1 years through a P-1 Visa. This visa is not appropriate for individuals.  The P-1 visa process takes approximately 1 month or more to process but can be expedited for extra fees.  There are also visas available for immediate family of the petitioners as well. 


This visa permits certain non-immigrants to visit the united states to seek employment in a unique cultural program or a private enterprise. The visa lasts the length of the program, up to 15 months, and cannot be extended.


To perform, teach or coach under a program that is culturally unique or a traditional ethnic, folk, cultural, musical, theatrical, or artistic performance or presentation. Includes persons providing essential services in support of the above individual.

O-1: Individual with Extraordinary Ability or Achievement

An O visa is a specialty visa reserved for individuals of extraordinary ability in the fields of science, education, business, arts, or athletics. This visa is issued for a period of up to three years and renewable. For an entertainer, there is a high standard to obtain this visa and requires sustained national or international acclaim such as an internationally recognized award. These visas require stringent documentation for supporting evidence that includes evidence of achievement in the industry, letters of support from industry experts, and support from media articles. 

The O Visa is extremely fact specific and a consultation is necessary before pursuing an application. Please begin the process by clicking the link below to submit information for a consultation.