2016 Election Results: What Does It Mean for US Immigration

by Dinh Tran, Partner, Queen City Immigration Law. (704) 741-9002

Many people have stayed up late last night to follow the results of the 2016 presidential elections with anxious anticipation. Others checked the results on their smartphones or tablets, or any other medium as soon as they woke up this morning to find out who would become the 45th President of the United States. There were many cheers, but there were also as many tears.

Donald Trump has won the race to the White House. The candidate whose platform included promises to deport all illegal aliens, impose a ban for all Muslims, and build a wall along the US-Mexican border, among others, had been elected the next President.

So what does it mean come January 20, when Mr. Trump assumes the office? The new administration will certainly eliminate the DACA and DAPA programs. More people who are here without a lawful status will be placed in removal proceedings. Prosecutorial discretion and parole will become harder, even impossible, to obtain. These are all the actions the new President will be able to take by himself within a matter of weeks.

However, not all is gloom and doom. Other changes will be more difficult to carry out. The promised ban on all Muslims from coming to this country and wall along the border will require acts of Congress. The immigration law currently does not decide who can come and who cannot based on religion. Congress would have to enact a new law to do that. Congress also would need to provide funding for the wall to be built. And despite the Republican majority in both the House of Representatives and Senate, there is no guarantee that all of Republicans will be on board with Trump’s immigration agenda.

Although there will likely be many challenges facing the immigrant communities in the next four years, they will not be as drastic as many are fearing. And whatever those challenges are going to be, the attorneys at Queen City Immigration Law are ready to stand strong with their clients and do their best to overcome them together.