presents the 2018 Promoter's Package

For Immediate Release

With great excitement and optimism, we are proud to announce that Queen City Immigration Law's Combat Sports Practice presents the 2018 Promoter's Package for P visas. For the past 27 years, P and O visas have given foreigners within the entertainment and athletic industries the opportunity to provide their services within the United States. Now, Queen City Immigration Law (QCIL), will provide unique and tailored services just for promoters of combat sport related events to hire talent from all over the world.

“Combat Sports is consistently one of the most active sports that requires participation from all over the world,” partner, Sherrod Seward says. “having a background in the business of combat sports gives me a unique perspective on how to be helpful to promotions.”

Partner, Sherrod Seward, has been involved with combat sports since matriculating in Law School and has made it his mission to be a resource for the combat sports industry. Sherrod leads our entertainment and cultural based visa group and has performed research on MMA broadcasting agreements, performed business development for top regional promotions, and assisted in the management of some of the world’s best fighters.

The Combat Sports Promotion Package is a program that allows QCIL to integrate seamlessly with combat sports related organizations in a manner that increases efficiency and reduces costs.

Program Deliverables

1. Combat Sports Promotions receive discount pricing for P visas that decreases with volume of applications

2. Complimentary review of your talent contracts for USCIS optimization and receive helpful templates for processing

3. We will build an online portal for your matchmaker to present athletes and manage/monitor visa progress

4. Monthly availability for complimentary consultations for promotion and athletes regarding P visas

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For more information about how the Promoter Package can help you and your organization to obtain P visas, please contact us at (704) 741-9002 or via email.