For Immediate Release: Queen City Immigration Law to Service H-2A Visas

For Immediate Release

With great excitement and optimism, we are proud to announce that Queen City Immigration Law provides farmers across the nation with advocacy services for obtaining H-2A visas for temporary foreign agricultural workers. The H-2A program was designed to help farmers get through tough situations when there is a shortage of domestic labor to support crop growth and harvesting. It allows farmers to hire foreign nationals of eligible countries to perform agricultural work of temporary or seasonal nature when there are not enough U.S. workers who are able, willing, qualified, and available to do such work. The State of North Carolina is a hot-bed for H-2A visas and brings in agricultural workers from around the world.

“North Carolina is consistently one of the most active states in the nation for H-2A applications,” partner, Sherrod Seward says. “Even still, many farmers are not privy to the program or the farmers are weary of the stringent administrative requirements of doing the process correctly.”

Several premier labor recruiters and service providers already operate in North Carolina but agree that local legal advocacy is welcome. Farming is a major source of revenue for the State of North Carolina, especially for sweet potatoes, cotton, and tobacco; a healthy labor force is essential to take advantage of harvests.

Going forward, Queen City Immigration Law will begin a marketing campaign to educate local farmers about the H-2A program and provide valuable expertise to allow farmers to flourish. For more information please visit or call our office in Charlotte, NC for a consultation.

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