Partner Visits East Tech High School in Cleveland, OH

Partner Sherrod Seward was recently invited to speak with East Technical High School students in Cleveland, OH. ETHS is a secondary school that opened in 1908 as a public trade school in the city. At the time, East Tech was one of the first trade schools in the United States. They are collectively known as the Mighty Scarabs.

“I was blown away about how knowledgeable the students were about current immigration events and the great questions they posed” Sherrod Seward says. “We discussed everything from how different cultures have more in common than they do differences, and potential outcomes of constricting the H-1B program."

East Tech administration was also glad that Sherrod was able to stop by and spend time with the students. “We're glad Sherrod found time to come share information with us about immigration concerns in this country,” remarked Maxine McCullough, East Tech Campus Coordinator. “The students gained great insights on his career and the challenges immigrants face in becoming U.S. citizens.”

Sherrod plans to stay connected with the school and keep in contact with a few students that expressed interest in being lawyers. He is tentatively planning to attend a career fair at East Tech later this year.