QCI Law P Visa Challenge with CrowdJustice

For Immediate Release -

Charlotte, NC, USA (September 21, 2017) – Charlotte based Seward Tran LLP d/b/a Queen City Immigration Law (“QCI Law”) is pleased to announce the expansion of its Entertainment Based Visa Practice to more countries and more industries. The purpose of the expansion is to fortify QCI Law’s role as a pivotal resource in the exchange of the World’s greatest human contributions; performance arts, competitive sports, visual arts, and film making.

Our law firm focuses on the strategic needs of artists, actors, performers, and entertainment professionals all over the world. Our firm specializes in purposeful, intelligent and thorough representation in P and O visa categories.  In case you are unfamiliar, P & O visas are necessary for foreign performers and athletes who are being compensated to perform in the United States. Visas also required of many foreign industry professionals such as film directors and camera men.

To celebrate and kick-off the expansion of our Entertainment Based Visa Practice, we are promoting our relationship with CrowdJustice for the QCI P VISA CHALLENGE!


We challenge our first time clients to try CrowdJustice to raise money for their P visa application and if they are unsuccessful in obtaining their goal, we will service their next two P visa applications at 50% of our legal fees.

What  is CrowdJustice?

CrowdJustice is a crowdfunding platform uniquely tailored for legal projects and is represents valuable tool that will help build a strong set of resources for many of our clients' visa cases.

Applying the crowdfunding model to the law is an ideal solution for clients who have a story to tell and need resources to assert their rights and/or seek legal relief. This is especially true for entertainment clients that have a fan base and/or sponsors.

“Our relationship with CrowdJustice is an unbelievable resource for our clients that need assistance raising funds for their cases,” said Sherrod Seward, Partner at Queen City Immigration Law. “CrowdJustice works directly with our clients to craft a webpage on its crowdfunding site to share their story with their support system and generous donors.”

All our clients have to do to get started with the QCI Law P Visa Challenge is to and click accept challenge. For more information, do not hesitate to call our offices at (704) 741-9002.

A few notes about using CrowdJustice

How long does it take to crowdfund?

Launching a case page with CrowdJustice can be done very quickly - many successful cases on our site have launched within hours, while others begin preparing weeks in advance of launching a page publicly. While case pages are active for 30 days, a well-executed effort can often meet its objectives in a matter of a few days. CrowdJustice understands that legal cases can be complex and has a case support team to help clients develop timelines suitable for your objectives. 

Why do people donate to legal cases? Do people who donate have an interest in the outcome?

CrowdJustice a donation-only platform, and funds contributed through the site do not entitle donors to any rights or interest in a case. People donate for many reasons, but primarily they get involved because they understand that legal action can make a tangible difference in people's lives and communities. 

How much money can be raised?

Fundraising targets should be tailored to the objectives of each case. In some cases, a small amount may be highly impactful to defray out-of-pocket costs or expert witness fees; other cases may require more extensive funding resources. The CrowdJustice case support team can help clients evaluate appropriate fundraising objectives for your case.  

What are CrowdJustice Fees?

If a case is successfully funded, ~92% of the total funds raised on the platform go to your client trust account. If a case doesn’t hit its target, cards are not charged and no fees are collected.  

How does CrowdJustice support the case?

The CrowdJustice team provides client with guidance and resources to position the crowdfunding effort for success – this expert team remains available to advise clients and answer questions throughout the crowdfunding process.