Queen City Immigration Law Partners with Firm to Service Combat Sports Immigration in Canada


CHARLOTTE, NC – Queen City Immigration Law (QCI Law) is a Charlotte, North Carolina-based full-service immigration law firm that focuses on the strategic needs of combat sports athletes and combat sports industry professionals all over the world. QCI Law specializes in the purposeful, intelligent and thorough representation in Permanent Legal Residence applications (Green Cards), P visas, and O visas for athletes, trainers, and coaches. QCI Law also advocates for combat sports business professionals with employment and investment based visa solutions. For exceptional service to the combat sports community we are partnering with a firm based in Ontario to provide immigration support in Canada.

QCI Law’s combat sports specific practice is one of the nation’s only practice groups focused on the needs of combat sports related industries such as boxing, brazilian jiu jitsu, professional wrestling, mixed martial arts, traditional martial arts, and other sports. QCI Law’s clients include world class athletes, management teams, and of course event promotion groups. The Combat Sports practice group leader, Sherrod Seward, noticed the need for expansion to Canada and took action.

“‘We love the fight business. It is our job to keep promoters streamlined, organized, and stress free for immigration matters” Says Sherrod Seward. “We are the most organized and talented lawyers in this niche field. The market dictated that we extend our helpfulness to Canada”

Many of QCI’s current clients are recognizing the opportunity for both gate and media distribution revenue in Canada as well as the significant talent pool in the country. Partnering with a recognized and established law firm in Ontario allows the firm to be full-service regardless of jurisdiction.

Benefits of the partnership for combat sports promotions including the following:

* Saving time on document requests for outside legal assistance

* Complete integration of your immigration cases through our online portal (www.qcilaw.com/yourpromotion)

* Troubleshooting potential pitfalls such as criminal history clearances

* Saving the day. We are the best at articulating combat sports issues to USCIS

Specific expertise in combat sports related Immigration is an underappreciated until something goes wrong. Our combat sports practice is tested and proven in the tough business of combat sports. If you are interested in finding out more about QCI Law’s Combat Sports Practice, please contact our office at (704) 741-9002 or email.