Vehicle Restoration Business Owners Secure E2 Visas Thanks to Queen City Immigration Law

Our team of Charlotte immigration attorneys of Queen City Immigration Law recently had the opportunity to represent and support two Finnish business owners who were at risk of losing their ability to stay within the country.

Without the appropriate immigration forms, it would undefinedhave surely spelled the end of their classic vehicular restoration business — Dream Works Restorations of Jacksonville, North Carolina — and their livelihood.

A married couple, Ari and Kaarina Heikkinen, came to our law firm in desperate need of E2 visas. They had gone to another law firm for legal guidance but quickly discovered their attorney was not well equipped to handle the E2 process. The entire procedure was left incomplete and their original visa case was denied because the business was not already “in motion.” They had to start over with us.

Thankfully, we never shy away from a challenge and we are highly experienced with everything relating to immigration law and business regulations. We worked with Ari and Kaarina to establish Dream Works Restoration as a limited liability company (LLC), as well as to set up capital contributions and other corporate work to show the business was active. We cooperated with the Consulate in Finland to secure their E2 visas. Attorney Sherrod Seward even happily drove the approximate 240 miles from Charlotte to Jacksonville, North Carolina the night before they left for Finland to make sure everything was in proper order for their interview there.

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