Olympian Boxer receives approval for P Visa status for 2.5 years based on Management Contract

For Immediate Release -


Charlotte, NC, USA (March 13, 2018) –


Charlotte based Queen City Immigration Law (“QCI Law”) is pleased to announce a successful P visa petition for Nigerian Olympian who will be making their professional debut soon in the United States. The olympian boxer obtained their visa through her management company which will last for more than two and a half  years and allow the olympian boxer to compete for multiple organizations on the same visa. This is very different from the typical pathway for a combat sports athlete to receive sponsorship from a combat sports promoter. Obtaining a P visa through a management contract rather than through a bout contract allows an combat sport athletes such as boxers, mixed martial artists, and jiu jitsu competitors to extend the length of their P visa and be available to compete with multiple organizations using the same P visa.


Partner, Sherrod Seward, the lead attorney on the case and practice manager for pressed the issue with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”) to explain the unique needs and requirements of combat sports athletes to have extended an period of P visa status and the flexibility to compete for multiple organizations. “The life of a combat sports athlete, such as a mixed martial artist, boxer, or jiu jitsu athlete does not fit the mold of a typical extended P visa recipient such as an NBA basketball player ,” partner Sherrod Seward says. “We really had to drive the point home to USCIS that the managers of these athletes need time and the ability to work with multiple promotions to be successful.”


Driving the point to USCIS is an understatement, Sherrod and the team at Queen City Immigration Law overcame both an extensive request for evidence and a Notice of Intent to Deny to get the P visa approval for the olympian boxer. The work was well worth it as Queen City Immigration Law was able to identify, prepare for, and overcome all of the concerns of USCIS when it comes to managers sponsoring combat sports athletes such as boxers, mixed martial artists, and jiu jitsu athletes for years at a time.




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