Queen City Immigration Law hosts North Carolina Africa Business Association


February Meeting - February 26, 2018

On February 26, 2018, Queen City Immigration Law had the pleasure of hosting the second ever meeting of the North Carolina Africa Business Association at our Uptown Charlotte office in conjunction with Global Bridge Pharmaceuticals.

North Carolina is home to many great entrepreneurs and industry influencers from all over Africa. Each year, people of the African diaspora and supporters import and export goods and services from all over the continent. However, there is not much coordination between people in North Carolina interested in doing business in Africa leaving many useful opportunities and contacts on the table


We are reaching out directly to companies and entrepreneurs in North Carolina that are interested in doing business in Africa to participate in the organization of the North Carolina African Business Association.


1. Monthly meetings to share updates on markets, contacts, and opportunities

2. Resource pooling to take advantage of short-term investment opportunities

3. Presence with Economic Development Agencies across the State to encourage interaction with emerging markets.

4. Invitations to leaders on the Continent and in the United States to visit North Carolina

5. Seminars and workshops to support exports and imports

7. Membership directory

8. Your Ideas

If you are interested in learning more about our Organization please feel free to email the Steering Committee at ncafricabusiness@gmail.com.