QCI LAW OVERCOMES RFE of Kazakh Kickboxing Phenom Izim Izbaki to Receive Approval for 3 year P visa Status as Debut Pro Boxer

For Immediate Release -

Charlotte, NC, USA (November 20, 2018) –

Charlotte based Queen City Immigration Law (“QCI Law”) is pleased to announce a successful P visa petition for Kazakh Kickboxer Izim Izbaki who will be making their professional boxing debut soon with Salita Promotions in the United States. Izim Ibaki is a giant amongst his kickboxing contemporaries standing over 6’9” and weighing close to 300lbs. Queen City Immigration Law was able to overcome several obstacles to prove he is an international talent for boxing even though he has never competed in a professional boxing match in his entire career.

The Kazakh kickboxer obtained his P visa through his promoting company, Salita Promotions, which will last for about three years and allow the Izim to compete in United States and travel freely in and out of the country. This petition was particularly difficult because United States Immigration and Citizenship Services (“USCIS”) is very strict on how it determines an athlete’s international acclaim. USCIS initial position was that Izim Izbaki is internationally known as a kickboxer and not as a boxer, which would preclude him from obtaining the P visa.

Partner, Sherrod Seward, the lead attorney on the case and practice manager for QCI Law’s s ports based immigration practice pressed back on the issue with USCIS to explain how Izim Izbaki’s skill set and size translate well into the sport of boxing. “I pretty much had to explain to them in great detail that for one, boxing is kickboxing without kicking, and second, that the skillset of Izim for a man his size is phenomenal on its own,” partner Sherrod Seward says. “I am glad we had connections with the top combat organizations and media insiders in the world to help support us in this argument.”

Driving the point to USCIS is an understatement, Sherrod and the team at Queen City Immigration Law overcame an extensive request for evidence with a well tailored argument and support letters from some of the premier combat sport industry professionals in the world. Queen City Immigration would like to extend a special thanks to Glory Kickboxing ( The premier Kickboxing Promotion in the World), Dmitry Salita of Salita Promotions, the World Boxing Council, and the world class media insiders that assisted us Queen City Immigration Law with this petition. The work was well worth it as Queen City Immigration Law was able to identify, prepare for, and overcome all of the concerns of USCIS when it comes to a world class kickboxer obtaining multi-year P visa status to compete as a professional boxer.


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