Is There a Threat to the Number of Available U Visas Under Trump Administration

The U-Visa program was implemented through laws passed by congress and not an executive maneuver. Therefore, President Trump is unable on his own to cancel the U Visa program or change the program in a material manner, for example, by decreasing the number of visas available. In order to make these changes, Trump would need congress to actually change the law. Convincing congress to change laws, especially when it comes to immigration reform, takes a very long time.

Immigration reform is a hot topic for congress but the U Visa program is likely not high on the priority list of desired changes. The U visa program accounts for a very small percentage of the immigration flow to the United States and has public interest merits to encourage immigrants to apply for this visa if eligible. The public interest merit is that the U Visa encourages immigrants to support law enforcement efforts which is important to political forces that typically want more restrictive immigration rules.

Even if the Trump administration was successful in convincing the House of Representatives to cancel or change the U Visa, it is unlikely to pass in the United States Senate. The Senate is usually more moderate than the house and more closely divided among political parties lines. It would be very unlikely for the Trump administration to get the majority of votes needed to cancel or change the U Visa program and this program remains an excellent choice for persons who qualify for the visa.

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