Sellers 360 E-Commerce Visa Solutions

Sagar Chaudhary and Nil Patel recently received their E2 visas from the Consulate in Canada. They are originally from India but were able to Naturalize to Canadian citizens a few months ago. They already were successful business owners of an E-commerce supply enterprise that operates on platforms such as E-bay, Amazon, Alibaba, and more. In order to expand their business, they required a better relationship with their American suppliers. Thus, they decided to explore options to obtain authorization to operate their business in the United States.

After exploring their options, they decided to pursue the E-2 treaty investment visa. To get started, we were able to completely set up a United States subsidiary of their business and provide continual incubation services.

Explaining the concept of E-commerce business to the consular office proved challenging because the business structure is very different from typical brick and mortar enterprises. However, we were able to successfully overcome these obstacles by explaining the business model, growth potential, and reasons to be in the United States to the consular office processing the E-2 visa petition.

Reasons E-Commerce businesses should be in the United States:

  • Increased ability to travel and visit with U.S. Suppliers
  • Some U.S. Suppliers only sell to U.S.-based businesses
  • U.S. Suppliers are less likely to send incorrect orders to domestic buyers
  • Access to new products and more sophisticated products due to increased control over customer experiences and returns

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