USCIS Issues P-1S Visas to Salita Promotions Managers and Trainers

The attorneys and legal staff and Queen City Immigration Law are happy to announce that our client, Salita Promotions, successfully received P-1S visas for their managers and trainers. Salita Promotions is a boxing promotion company based in Brooklyn, NY. Former world-class professional boxer Dimitry Salita founded the company.

Salita Promotions helps advance the fighting careers of young boxers and established professional contenders from across the world. Their events garner global attention, often receiving worldwide coverage from major sports networks like ESPN, Showtime, Spike TV, and the Universal Sports Network.

Given the international makeup of Salita Promotions’ athletes, many of their managers and coaches also lived abroad. However, many of them began to experience resistance when trying to obtain visitor visas to accompany their fighters for stateside events. Without visas for their trainers and managers, Salita Promotions’ fighters were at a problematic impasse.

Visas for Internationally Recognized Athletes and Entertainers (P-1 Visas)

The United States Customs and Immigration Service permits “internationally recognized athletes or members of an internationally recognized athletic team” to enter the country on what is known as the P-1 visa. Under federal regulations, a P-1 athlete’s essential support staff are authorized to enter the United States with them for a period of up to 10 years on a P-1S visa. After the expiration of the 10-year period, a P-1S support member must depart the U.S. for one year in order to reapply for a new P-1S visa.

The dedicated Charlotte immigration lawyers at Queen City Immigration Law carefully developed a structure for Salita Promotions’ boxing athletes and their respective cornermen and managers. Through contracts between Salita Promotions boxers and their respective coaches and managers – including those who had their visitor visas canceled – the athletes’ essential staff received P-1S visas to accompany their fighters into the U.S.

From the attorneys and staff from Queen City Immigration Law, we congratulate Salita Promotions and their athletes on successfully obtaining entry into the U.S. for their essential support staff, trainers, and managers.

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