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Employment-Based Immigration

Employment-Based Immigration Charlotte, NC

Trying to find work in the US as an individual from a foreign country can be difficult. You have to be familiar enough with employment immigration law to understand all the complications involved. Additionally,


you have to make sure that the application process for a work visa goes smoothly. If you need an employment-based immigration attorney in Charlotte, NC, then contact Queen City Immigration Law. Our experts are available to help guide you through employment-based immigration procedures and make sure that you understand the process. Additionally, you can hire one of us as a work visa attorney to make getting your visa easier. So, don't wait. Give us a call and see how we can help your case.

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Employment-Based Immigration Attorney

When you're looking for an employment-based immigration attorney, you don't want just anyone. You need someone who is going to provide a plan customized to your experience. At Queen City Immigration Law, you receive exactly that. One of our team will speak with you to learn more about your case. For example, they'll find out what you need a work visa for and what your ultimate goals are. Then, they can determine what visa is the best for you. Additionally, our experts can speak a number of different languages, including Spanish, French, Vietnamese, Polish and English. Other languages are available upon request. This means that you won't have to struggle to get your visa in a language you aren't familiar with. When you hire one of our experts as your employment-based immigration attorney, you can rest assured that you'll get a quick response and innovative solutions. We take a strategic approach to helping you obtain your visa that will ultimately lead to long-term success in the future. Personal attention from our team means you have the best chance of success. Our offices are located in Charlotte, NC and Cleveland, OH. Call today and schedule your appointment.

Employment Immigration Law

Employment immigration law can be confusing, but thankfully your employment-based immigration attorney should be able to explain it for you. Essentially, there are two main types that can be dealt with:

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Employment-Based Non-Immigration: This type of case is where you are seeking a visa to work in the United States for an extended period of time, but don't intend to permanently take up residency.

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Employment-Based Immigration: This type of case is where individuals come into the country with a specific visa or green card that will allow them to eventually obtain citizenship.

Both cases have a variety of different visas available, and which is used will ultimately depend on your unique situation. A qualified attorney from Queen City Immigration Law can help explain your options to you and let you know what option is the best to take. Our experts have worked with professionals from a variety of industries, including athletes, teachers, and artists. When you work with us, you'll receive unending support throughout the process. Call today to schedule an appointment and learn more about employment immigration law.

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Work Visa Attorney

Whether you are seeking employment-based immigration or simply want to work in the US for an extended period, you'll need to find a work visa attorney. A work visa attorney can help you obtain a visa to allow you to work in the United States. Some of these visas include:

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Specifically for notable individuals in their field, though certain company managers can also apply.

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For individuals whose positions require some sort of advanced degree.

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For individuals who are needed in a position that US workers can't fill.

And there are many more besides. The experts at Queen City Immigration Law can help give you a better understanding of employment-based immigration. Call our Charlotte, NC offices today to schedule your appointment.

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