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Family Based Immigration

Family-Based Immigration Lawyer Charlotte, NC

If you're looking to bring your family into the United States-or if they're looking to come over themselves-you need to find a US immigration lawyer near me to help.


It's incredibly important to have a family immigration lawyer because they can help you correctly fill out a green card application. When you need a family-based immigration lawyer near Charlotte, NC, contact Queen City Immigration Law. Our experts are available to take your calls at any time. Contact us to work with a qualified immigration attorney and to learn more.

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Us Immigration Lawyer Near Me

Trying to find a quality US immigration lawyer near me isn't always easy. Many firms may not have the time or ability to help with your case. Or, they might not take the time to actually listen to your situation. Working with the wrong family-based immigration lawyer can lead to unnecessary frustration and stress. At Queen City Immigration Law, we take a personalized approach to every situation. This means that we'll help you find the immigration option that's right for you, instead of trying to apply a generic 'one-size-fits-all' solution. Additionally, we're more than happy to clarify any questions or concerns you might have. Our experts are ready to help you obtain your green card in a way that works for you. When you need a US immigration lawyer near me, call us. We're more than happy at act as your family-based immigration lawyer in Charlotte, NC.


Family Immigration Lawyer

Family-based immigration is incredibly common. It is the process of moving to the US when one of your family members is already a citizen. Generally speaking, this form of immigration can be sorted into two categories:

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Immediate Relative: Essentially, this is anyone who is directly related to the family member who is a current US citizen. This includes spouses, parents, and children under 21. However, it should be noted that only US citizens above the age of 21 can advocate for their parents to obtain a green card. Using this method allows them quicker access to a green card. Speak to a family-based immigration lawyer to learn more.

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Preference Category Relative: Basically, anyone in your extended family. This can include adult children (both married and unmarried) and siblings. Generally speaking, there are more limitations to this method, and it's important to discuss what they are with a family immigration lawyer.

Contact a qualified family immigration lawyer with Queen City Immigration Law to discuss the best methods for obtaining a green card. Our offices are located in Cleveland, OH and Charlotte, NC. We're more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

Immigration Attorney

There are two other visas your immigration attorney may suggest:

  • K-1: Otherwise known as a fiancé visa, this allows you to come to the United States in order to marry a US citizen. You must marry your significant other within 90 days of arriving. From there, you can apply for your green card. Your children can come with you on a related visa called the K-2 visa. For more information, please contact a family-based immigration lawyer.

  • K-3: A visa for individuals already married to a US citizen. Your spouse needs to first petition for you to come to the US before you can obtain this visa. Additionally, children may come with you on the related K-4 visa.

When you need an immigration attorney to help, contact us. We have extensive experience with immigration law. With our knowledge and experience, we can help your application go much smoother. Our multi-lingual staff is available to speak with you in whatever language you feel most comfortable in. Call today to speak to a qualified family-based immigration lawyer and learn more about our services.

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